The Best Selfie Apps for Android Phones

The Best Selfie Apps for Android Phones these days, you can simply wander outside without seeing somebody snapping a selfie. In a world swarmed with selfies, make your stand separated by utilizing a selfie application. These applications are stacked with gadgets that redesign your normal magnificence and draw out your best elements.

There’s no vulnerability about the current age being focused on the example of selfies. While mobile phones have fit an adequate number of cameras, using explicit selfie camera applications can take your experience to the accompanying level. Along these lines, we are here with presumably the best selfie camera applications for Android.

For certain, individuals love posting selfies through internet-based media stages like Facebook and Instagram. In light of everything, changing from a stock camera to something made particularly for selfies can roll out a tremendous improvement in your pictures.

A fair selfie camera application can likewise update the idea of a successfully nice picture. Additionally, you can have different channels, stickers, and AR cloaks that can apply constantly while you are posing for the best picture.

It has reasonable involvement with helping the trademark magnificence of a person in the photographs with its valuable changing gadgets. Resulting of clicking a snap, it allows you to pick any of the 6 beautification levels to straightforwardly get a better picture.

Not solely is this application helpful for close-up selfies, yet it’s more for full-body photographs. For instance, The Best Selfie Apps for Android Phones’Lengthen Legs’ element makes you quickly add height to your body shots while ‘Body Thin’ gets your gut to make you look slimmer. A few other cool elements included are parted video selfies (4-8 second fastens), look reshaper, and eye enlarger gadgets.


  • Smile’ feature guarantees auto-clicking of a single or assembling snap when you or anyone smiles.
  • The application offers a multi-face revelation creation, which engages you to modify each face in the gathering shot in one go.
  • Eye Sack Remover’s device reduces dull rings under the eye in the portrayal.
  • Magnificence Circle, its in-application relational association, freely upholds the latest examples in the plan, style, and cosmetics to empower you to research, and endlessly track down moving considerations.


The virtual excellence effect would happen to photographs and accounts when they are taken. You might upgrade by manual your eye size, face, nose, and other facial organs on the web like you got a small supportive clinical framework.


You can take upright photos without makeup. You may change yourself into a beauty master quickly by choosing virtual facial makeup, for example, lips, eyelashes, and eyeliner!

Extra Features:

  1. Selfies aren’t all that matters – BeautyPlus works with both the forward-looking and outside-confronting camera
  2. Selfie Clock worked in so you can get off the amazing sans-hands shot
  3. Various face disclosure discharges you for the social affair shot!
  4. Wonderful lighting even in the most secret regions. Low light? Just drop it! BeautyPlus consequently changes the show
  5. Prepared for sharing. Right when you are done fluctuating, you can share notable social objectives like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat!
The Best Selfie Apps for Android Phones

Proficient Photo Editing:

Blur: Selfies in a split-second performance of an expert look with a snappy haze. Simply swipe to apply the effect!

Crop: The perfect selfie and photo is only one yield away! Tap to resize and manage

Photo Filters: From the sentimental to the moving, we have many unique channels to make your selfies and pictures pop

Professional Control: Enlarge, Stretch, Slim and Rotate features allow you to alter your selfies and photos how you need!

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