How to freeze last seen on WhatsApp ios

Freeze last seen on WhatsApp ios is correct now to restore some most recent a group of new highlights for its clients. Keep going seen on WhatsApp is one of the parts of WhatsApp in which we can match anybody’s most recently seen on WhatsApp. In any case, the lawful impediment to that is you besides won’t be ready to check another’s Most recently seen. Hence, Folks, I Have Concluded To Share this Great Stunt How might you have the option to freeze WhatsApp last seen without Concealing It? Licenses Checkout.

Whatsapp is right now restoring specific current new highlights for its clients. An extensive part of you once looked on google ‘How to Show Generally online on Whatsapp’ I Have quite recently distributed an article on this.

Yet again in this article, I will share the compulsion to ‘ Make/Show Counterfeit Keep going Seen on Whatsapp ‘ for each Whatsapp client. you can similarly cover your Whatsapp Last seen at this point the vital hindrance for that is you moreover won’t quick to check another’s Most recently seen.

Whatsapp is as of now thought one of the most renowned associations with the latest components for talking and video calling, and that’s just the beginning. various Whatsapp clients need to make counterfeit keep going seen on Whatsapp or they need to show a fix keep going seen on Whatsapp which can regularly be clear same for each.

This is The way to Freeze and Keep going Seen On Whatsapp?

DirectChat licenses you to make ChatHeads/Talk Dots for any application. It manages all your conversations in one spot to assist you with having a non-intruded conversation. You can likewise examine and answer all messages furtively while never arriving at the web or showing your last seen. It goes to in excess of 20 dispatches maintaining normally.

Likewise, it goes probably as your Warning Administrator to manage all of your data in a single spot. Moreover, You can in like manner alter the discussion arrangement to suit your necessities with various tones and straightforwardness.


  1. ChatHead/Air pocket Backing for all applications
  2. Recover eradicated messages by others in talk.
  3. Assurance Mode – Read messages without coming on the web or showing last seen!
  4. DND Mode – Interruption the ChatHead Administration brief and quit tolerating its notification.
  5. Blacklist Applications
  6. Blocked Clients
how to freeze last seen on Whatsapp

Premium Features:

  • No Advertisements
  • Second Answer – Immediately reply by tapping on the message survey.
  • Engrave messages as examined directly from ChatHead
  • Late Visits and survey any past conversation at whatever point
  • Subjects
  • Open all Applications for ChatHeads
  • Talk Air pocket Appearance
  • Different Predefined Topics
  • Association Reviews

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